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God is real is onze internationale website. Deze site bewijst dat God bestaat en legt uit hoe je God kunt leren kennen.

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Is God real?

Is God real? Absolutely! God is the most powerful reality there is. Millions of people experience God in an amazing way and I want to help you encounter God as well. God has done mind blowing miracles in my life. In this article I will share some of these amazing wonders, to show you how breathtakingly real God is. He not only shows his power to people like me, but he longs to reveal himself in an absolutely life changing way to you too.

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Proof God exists

Is there proof God exists? Yes, and there’s a lot of it. God is real and if you want to experience God, you can. On this page I list several amazing facts that proof God exists. God is real and he is incredibly active in this world. Millions of people from all backgrounds and cultures are experiencing his mighty power that transforms their lives. All over the world people see visions of Jesus Christ and they are forever changed after this encounter. Others are having dreams in which God speaks to them and helps them in life threatening situations. Many people worldwide tell stories of seeing angels, that rescued them or delivered a message from God.

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Who is God?

Who is God? Can you really get to know God? Is it possible to experience God? Is there a clear answer to the question: Who is God? Absolutely. Jesus Christ says He is the perfect expression of God.

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The power of God

The power of God is real and at work everywhere on our planet. It is time to experience the power of God. Are you ready? Millions of people all over the world experience the power of God. Many are healed from incurable diseases, others are set free from evil spirits, people receive incredible answers to their prayers and are saved from impossible situations… God is real, God is with us and the power of God is at work in  our world.

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The voice of God

Can we hear the voice of God? What does the Bible say about hearing God’s voice? The voice of God is the most important part of our relationship with God. The heart of every relationship is communication. If we can’t hear the voice of God then we have no true relationship with God. In this bible study I will explain what the Bible says about the voice of God and how we can hear God’s voice.

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Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is considered to be a prophet, teacher and leader in every religion in the world. But Jesus Christ said about himself that he was infinitely more. He equalled himself to God… Jesus Christ said that he and God the Father are a perfect unity, that he existed before the world was created, that he can give eternal life to people, that he forgives our sins, that he is the redeemer of mankind, etc.

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Is Jesus God?

Millions of people wonder ‘is Jesus real?’ This page shows you that Jesus Christ is indeed very real and he is incredibly active in our world. Many people ask the question ‘is Jesus God?’ In this article I will not write down my opinions or any religious doctrine. All I will do is give you an honest overview of what the Bible says to answer the question if Jesus is God or not.

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Is Jesus real

Is Jesus God? Or is Jesus a special human who had a unique relationship with God? What does the Bible say about Jesus Christ? Millions of people wonder ‘is Jesus real?’ This page shows you that Jesus Christ is indeed very real and he is incredibly active in our world. For example: thousands of people worldwide testify of seeing visions of Jesus Christ, experiencing his presence and power, being filled with his love and being radically transformed by him.

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Jesus movie

Wacht the world famous Jesus movie and discover the most important, most loving, most powerful Person there is. Wacht the world famous Jesus movie and discover the most important, most loving, most powerful Person there is. Every eight seconds somebody on earth decides to follow Jesus Christ, after watching the Jesus movie. This movie has been translated in over a thousand different languages!

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What is the holy Spirit?

What is the Holy Spirit? In this article you find 46 bible verses that show you what the Holy Spirit is and how he can help you. I invite you to read this easy-to-read bible study attentively and spread it among your friends and church members. The Holy Spirit is far more important than we all realize. Jesus Christ and the apostles could do nothing without the Holy Spirit, yet many christians live mostly without him. He longs to transform your life and fill you with his glorious presence.

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Gifts of the Holy Spirit

What are the gifts of the Holy Spirit and how can you receive them? The gifts of the Holy Spirit are supernatural powers of God, that are given to those who believe in Jesus Christ, so they can be used by God to encourage and strengthen one another. The gifts of the Holy Spirit build us up, make us healthy and whole and help us mature in Jesus Christ, so his light can shine brightly through us in the world.

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Speaking in tongues

Is speaking in tongues still for this time and age? What does the Bible say about speaking in tongues? Is speaking in tongues occult? peaking in tongues is still a hot item among christians. Many have sincere questions about this gift of the Holy Spirit. In this detailed bible study you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about speaking in tongues. The practical aspects of this gifts will also be highlighted.

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Do angels exist?

Do angels exist? Yes. Angels are fascinating beings. Throughout history thousands of people have told about their experiences with angels. Many people ask the question: Do angels exist? Are experiences with angels real or are they the fruit of man’s imagination? In this article you find well documented experiences with angels, that prove that angels exist. You also learn what the Bible (the ultimate book about God and his angels) says about angels. You will learn what guardian angels are, how to discern fallen or deceiving angels and how God wants us to deal with angels.

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Proof of heaven

Is there convincing proof of heaven? Watch these amazing true stories of people who have seen heaven. Is there proof of heaven? Has anyone been to heaven and returned? Absolutely. All throughout history people have had dramatic experiences of heaven, but only since the development of modern media it became possible for these people to have a voice, so others can hear what they have seen, heard and experienced. On this page I list several trustworthy testimonies from people who have been in heaven and who tell their story.

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Modern day miracles

Modern day miracles happen all over the world, through the incredible power of Jesus Christ. Watch these amazing videos with testimonies of modern day miracles that are happening in virtually every nation of the world. Millions of people are experiencing the touch of Jesus Christ, so what you see here is just a tiny glimpse of what is happening all over the world. Take a few moments to let the glory of God touch your heart, while you watch these true stories of modern day miracles.

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Voice of God recordings

In these voice of God recordings you can hear God speak through the mouth of prophet David Sorensen. You see and you hear a man, but the words do not come from his human mind. They are directly inspired by the Spirit of God.

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Hearing God’s voice

Hearing God’s voice is not as hard as you may think. In this article I will give some basic principles about hearing God’s voice. The major key to learning to hear God’s voice, is knowing that God desires to speak to you. He longs for a deep, intimate relationship with you. Not just a rational relationship, based on theory but a heart to heart relationship.

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Over de auteur David Sorensen

David Sorensen zet zich met hart en ziel in om iedereen te laten zien hoe geweldig het is om God echt te kennen. Zijn grootste verlangen is dat mensen leren hoe ze God zelf kunnen ervaren als hun allerbeste Vriend en liefhebbende Vader.

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