is god real

God is real and He longs to reveal Himself to you in ways that will amaze you

My website GODISREAL.today is an english version of the Dutch site ONTDEKGOD.nl It shows you how real God is and how deeply God loves you.

We live in a world where many say there is no proof God exists. That is of course not true, because God is the most powerful reality there is. Of course there is evidence of the existence of God. The power of God is at work all over the world and He is performing thousands of miracles, in every nation. Healing, deliverance, people are raised from the dead, and so on.

The love of God is touching millions of people, all over our planet, showing them who God is and how passionately God loves us.

love of god

God is the reason we are alive and He has an amazing plan for our lives. He is proving to mankind that He is real and full of glory.

Images and names of God

It is of course not possible to see God, but when we look at the Bible we see what God says and what He does. That gives us a very clear indication of who God is. I created a page with amazing photos that express what God is. These God images help you know who God is and sow you the depth of His great love.

Another page shows dozens of wonderful pictures of Jesus. These Jesus pictures help us realize how real Jesus is and what He can do for us. You see paintings of the miracles of Jesus, and showing the tender love of God to people.

The Bible mentions many different names of God. Every name of God tells us a bit more about Him. His mercy, His wisdom, the way He cares for us, His grace and His power, and much more.

Science and God

scientific proof of god featured

All around us we hear that science proves God doesn’t exist. That is of course a blatant lie. In the article ‘scientific proof of God‘ I explain what true science is and how science strongly points towards the existence of God. There is very strong evidence of God. Many scientists believe in God and say true science helps them believe in God.

We have all heard the story that man descended from the apes. This fairytale is called the ‘theory of evolution’. Many evolutionists do all they can, to convince mankind of their theory. But I explain why there is no proof of evolution. In fact the theory of evolution contradicts several essential laws of nature. There is not one single bit of true evidence for evolution.

Bible critics say the biblical history of for example the great flood of Noah is a fairytale. But geology reveals there is plenty of evidence of the flood.

The Holy Spirit

what is the holy spirit

My website helps you understand what the Holy Spirit is and why He is so important for christians. The Bible says God wants to give us the gifts of the Holy Spirit, like prophecy, healing, speaking in tongues, and much more. These gifts are supernatural powers and abilities from the Lord, to touch us with His healing power and encouraging love.

It is very important for every christian to make sure we have received the Holy Spirit and become filled with Him. The article ‘how to receive the Holy Spirit‘ helps you with this.

Many christians have question about the manifestations of the Spirit, like falling, laughing, weeping, shaking and more. I wrote an extensive article with clear biblical insight who to test the spirits and how to discern whether manifestations are from the Holy Spirit, from the flesh or from a demon.

Internet is filled with articles that warn us for so called ‘false prophets today‘ but most of these websites are written by people who simply have no understanding or experience with the Holy Spirit. They see God in action, but in a way they ave never seen themselves, and they think ‘because I don’t know it, its from the devil’. That is of course no true biblical discernment.

Discover God

The site GODISREAL.today is all about God. You learn who God is and how you can experience Him.

Jesus Christ

is jesus god

Jesus Christ is the Son of God, who died for our sins, so we could be forgiven and become beloved children of God. The article about Jesus Christ shows you how you can be saved by Jesus and how you can be born again. I also explain how we can know for sure that Jesus is God and not just a good teacher or another prophet. You can read testimonies of people who were transformed by Jesus Christ and who have seen Him in visions or dreams. You can also learn about how to keep your faith in Jesus Christ, during hard times.

Heaven and hell

The Bible speaks a lot about heaven and hell. How can we know if heaven is for real? Is it just an imagination or is heaven a reality? The page ‘proof of heaven‘ shows several amazing documentaries and videos from people who have been in heaven and who are allowed to return and tel their story, so others can know God indeed exists and heaven is real. Even the question if our beloved animals go to heaven, is answered.

Prophecy and the voice of God

Finally there is a powerful category on the site called prophecy, where you can learn how God is still speaking today. You find practical advice on hearing the voice of God and how you can flow in the gift of prophecy. The voice of God has not become silent, but is more heard today than ever before. You can listen to beautiful prophetic words and experience the love of God.


Over de auteur David Sorensen

David Sorensen zet zich met hart en ziel in om iedereen te laten zien hoe geweldig het is om God echt te kennen. Zijn grootste verlangen is dat mensen leren hoe ze God zelf kunnen ervaren als hun allerbeste Vriend en liefhebbende Vader.

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